Sandwiches & Baguettes

As well as the following menu, we also have a Specials Board with several homemade Greek dishes and local seafood plus a Vegetarian/Vegan Specials Board also with homemade Greek Specials.

All sandwiches and baguettes are served on white or
granary bread with a dressed salad and salted Devonshire crisps.
We also have a gluten free roll and
all fillings are gluten free except the chutney.

Cheddar & Otter Vale onion & pineapple chutney (V)
sandwich 8 / baguette 9

Local ham and homemade beetroot coleslaw

sandwich 9.5 / 10.5 baguette

Local handpicked dressed crab

sandwich 13/ baguette 14

Prawn & Bloody Marie Rose sauce

sandwich 12 / baguette 13

Smoked streaky bacon, leaves & tomato

sandwich 9.5 / 10.5 baguette

Traditional steak pasty

Served with salad, a pickled onion and Otter Vale onion and pineapple chutney 8.5 

                             Ham & Cheddar Ploughman                                  Local sliced ham, mature cheddar, Otter Vale onion & pineapple chutney,        homemade beetroot coleslaw, a mini pork pie, sourdough bread and butter,         a dressed salad, half a sliced apple, celery and a pickled onion. 18


Starters/Small Bites/Or create your own meze by ordering a selection?


                        Homemade Soup of the Day (V)                             
Served with sourdough bread and butter 7

                             Whole baby squid                                   Served with dressed leaves & sweet chilli sauce 10.5

Homemade pulled pork, leek & cheddar croquettes in panko breadcrumbs
served with Otter Vale Devon Fire chutney and dressed salad 11

                         Trio of homemade Greek dips                                       Tzatziki, Kalamata olive tapenade & a spicy feta dip (tirokafteri)   with two Greek pitta breads 8.5 (GF)

Fried breaded whitebait
served with leaves and homemade roasted garlic mayo 10.5

Homemade Greek feta filo parcel (V)

drizzled with honey & sesame seeds with dressed leaves 10.5

Kalamata & green olives and feta (or vegan feta)
with olive oil and balsamic vinegar and sourdough bread 9 (GF)

Main Meals

Palmer’s beer battered fish and chips
with garden peas and homemade tartare sauce 18

Wholetail scampi and chips
served with garden peas and homemade tartare sauce 17

Local dressed
handpicked crab salad
served with sourdough bread and lemon mayo 19 (GF)

Cornish Mussels
   Served in a homemade white wine, garlic and cream sauce with a baguette and          butter 19.5 (GF) (Can be dairy free)

8oz Sirloin Steak
served with chips, homemade onion rings, garden peas and grilled tomato 24    (GF)(DF)

Homemade 8oz local beef burger

with Otter Vale tomato chutney, tomato, lettuce, gherkin, smoked streaky bacon and melted cheese in a seeded bun. 18

Homemade 8oz local lamb burger

with minted mayo, tomato, lettuce, gherkin,
smoked streaky bacon and melted cheese in a seeded bun. 18

Grilled chicken breast fillet burger

with sweet chilli mayo, tomato, lettuce, gherkin,
smoked streaky bacon and melted cheese in a seeded bun. 18 (can be GF)
All burgers are served with chunky chips and homemade beetroot slaw.

Greek Pulled Pork &/OR Grilled Halloumi Gyros

9.80 or both 11.3
A Greek pitta wrapped around pork &/or halloumi, homemade tzatziki, tomato, red onion and chips.


Chunky chips 5 with cheese 6 GF
Garlic Ciabatta bread 4.5 with cheese 5.50
Dressed side salad 5.5 GF
Kalamata & green olives with feta/vegan feta 7 GF
Homemade beetroot slaw 3 GF
Sourdough bread or white/granary baguette 2
Gluten free roll 2.20


Children’s Menu

Palmer’s beer battered fish and chips
served with garden peas 8.5

Wholetail scampi

served with chips with garden peas 8.5

Chicken breast nuggets

with chips and baked beans 8.5 

Gluten free chicken goujons
with chips and beans 9 (GF)

Fusilli pasta with a homemade tomato and basil sauce
topped with cheese 7 (V)